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Original handmade Persian rug with best designs, quality and color



 Wherever the Persian carpet is spread, in a house or in an office, it gives a sense of warmth and splendour to the place; nevertheless one should consider some basic elements in connection with the selection and decoration of carpets. This indicates the good taste of the decorator and the purchaser; it also has a great and undeniable influence in the durability of the carpet.The colour, the texture and the design are three principal elements, which must be considered when buying a carpet. Antique, silk, or delicate carpets with a light background should never be spread in a hall, dining room or children's bedroom, because in those places they will have less durability. The best places for such carpets are normally the living room, the library and the bedroom where there is less wear and tear.


 According to their tradition and financial means, the Iranians usually select their carpets to suit the dimension of their rooms, whereas the Europeans prefer small rugs. In both cases, the size of the carpet should be distanced from the wall at least 40 to 60 centimetres.


  The dimension of the carpet for the dining room should be at least 60 to 70 centimetres longer from each side of the table. The carpet for the drawing room should also be chosen very accurately, because other than covering the desired space, one part of the rug should go under the legs of the sofa and the furniture.


  We also recommend that to show their best advantage, the area opposite the sofa and the furniture should never be covered with two rugs.For the bedroom, instead of a big carpet, it is best to put small rugs, preferably in light colours.


  It's very important to select carpets with floral or geometrical designs for the rooms or spaces with period furniture, whereas for places with modern and rustic furniture, it's best to choose stylised or geometrical designed carpets. For the drawing room, carpets with a central medallion are preferable as all the beauty and fineness of the medallion is shown off. For the dining room, library halls and corridors, carpets with all or mosaic design should be chosen. For the bedroom, plain or floral design carpets are recommended as these can be in perfect harmony with the furniture.

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